Recording our EP - A New Rising

August 28, 2018

So last weekend we finally were able to head to Anchorbaby recording studio to record 4 songs for our EP. We chose to record; Nashville Dream, In The City, Catch You & Home. As these we felt showcased the different sounds and styles of the band! 


Nashville Dream came from Sarah’s thoughts and dreams to head out and play Nashville and how awesome that would be! Plus she thinks that if she sings it enough she will be able to persuade us all to go there! Its a soft melodic tune we hope will ease people in, plus how much it means to have that one person with you, supporting you every step of the way.

In The City is a bit of a love song about heading on a night out and bumping into a girl you used to have feelings for. We chose to record this one as we love the vocal harmonies in the Chorus. Careful it doesn’t get stuck in your head!

Catch You - Solo. Enough said. 

Home - Used to be called going home but we didn’t want to give anyone any ideas when we were gigging! It's about going home to the one you are crazy about, this was one of the first songs we finished writing together as a band. Its a happy, catchy, dance around a campfire song that we look at as our first child!


The recording process was such fun, all nervous to start with but soon made to feel comfortable. Sweaty palms dried we cracked through the set list doing 1 or 2 warm ups before recording live on the 3rd occasion. Trying to record 4 songs in the two days was tough going and so we knew this would have to be a ‘live and raw’ sounding EP but were happy as we’re a live band and wanted this to come across.


Day 2 was vocals and mixing with some touch up and guitar layering. Hearing the tunes in full for the first time was spine tingling! I was knew that the songs had potential but our home recordings never did them justice. This final result surpasses my expectations and we had the best of times recording them. 


It was a great experience that we wouldn't change for the world, and hopefully our first step into really getting our name out there. 


The release date is the 28th August 2018 and we are all so very exited to share it to our friends, family and the world!


Check out some shots below:

Adz x 

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