Finding my sound...

February 27, 2018


So, it's been a journey trying to match what I hear in my head sound the same when it comes out the PA. Not that a workman should blame his tools however! I guess I was never a Country music player and so had to make do with my punk-rock set-up Orange 2x12 Combo and Dean Acoustic Guitar.


In April 2017 we had the pleasure of going to see the Shires in our home town and managed to grab hold of Lead Guitarist Charles Macdonald. I asked him how they managed to transfer the soft subtle sounds of Ben's acoustic guitar across to all 1000 of us watching and listening in amazement. That's when he introduced me to the sexy little puppy on the left there - the Fishman Aura Spectrum. 


It's magic! Well, actually its an "Acoustic Imaging technology that enables players to mix studio-mic'd sound with the signal from their undersaddle or soundhole pickup", but I like magic better! This and the combination with my Taylor Acoustic running direct into our PA gets me very close to what I want. 


But I'm not yet finished playing and experimenting. I'm currently using the second line out to run through my Boss ME80 where I add, chorus, delay & reverb and have this send to the PA as a second channel to thicken up and add some texture to the overall tone. 


Certainly not there yet but I'm enjoying the journey into finding my sound.



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