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What's in a song?

In recent years the UK Country scene has come on leaps and bounds, since Taylor Swift paved the way with the modern country sound in 2008, more and more cross over artists have been emerging.

So what is the "modern country sound"? To most, it is a crossover of traditional country, pop and rock which appeals to a wider audience. Whilst the hard core country fans don't like to deviate from what they know and love, modern country has introduced a wealth of people to a new genre and allowed big events such as C2C and Buckle and Boots to grow into festivals.

The challenge for all writers is to get the right blend of the modern and traditional, always keeping country at the heart of the songs. Another challenge for UK artists to to appeal to our country loving friends across the pond, especially as the lifestyles are so different from Nashville.

Modern Country is what you will find with Southern Dawn, writing from our own experiences and keeping that country heart beating.

What are your thoughts on the modern country genre? Let us know.


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