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29 Oct 2019

Recently we had the opportunity to use a beautiful 16th Century Barn in Aldington - Kent, to take some band photographs and shoot some videos! We shot a live and loud video for our original tracks Catch You (Superman) and Home which can be found here:

Catch You: https:/...

16 Jul 2019

 This Saturday we had the time of our lives playing and hosting this years lyMinge-Fest! It was awesome to play the two sets and finally get to show our music to our families and close friends. Check out the below gallery to see the fun we had.

11 Nov 2018

The 10th of November marked our resident bassist Giles' 42nd Birthday! To celebrate we headed down to the Anchorbaby Studios to record a cover of one of his favourite songs - Sweet Child O' Mine by GnR. We tried to give it our usual southern twang and can't wait for yo...

28 Aug 2018

So last weekend we finally were able to head to Anchorbaby recording studio to record 4 songs for our EP. We chose to record; Nashville Dream, In The City, Catch You & Home. As these we felt showcased the different sounds and styles of the band! 

Nashville Dream came fr...

20 May 2018

Yesterday we had the opportunity to play a gig in the little village of Sellinge to celebrate the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry & Megan. It was the first chance for the band to spread our wings as a 6 piece and was thoroughly enjoyable. We really appreciate the warm we...

1 Mar 2018

One of the biggest challenges singing live is monitoring the sound, hearing what everybody watching hears. That way we can adjust instruments and volumes so that the "mix" is right.

There are two ways of doing this, both with pros and cons;

The first is the traditiona...

27 Feb 2018

In recent years the UK Country scene has come on leaps and bounds, since Taylor Swift paved the way with the modern country sound in 2008, more and more cross over artists have been emerging. 

So what is the "modern country sound"? To most, it is a crossover of traditio...

27 Feb 2018

So, it's been a journey trying to match what I hear in my head sound the same when it comes out the PA. Not that a workman should blame his tools however! I guess I was never a Country music player and so had to make do with my punk-rock set-up Orange 2x12 Combo and De...

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